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“My colleague remarked that it was his best networking event ever!!!”
Phil Costen, University of Surrey
“Great organisation”
Peter Bach, BioPharmaLogic LLC
“Well worth the nearly 8 hours drive!”
Chris Stirling, Morgan AM & T
“Excellent program and networking – will certainly lead to some new projects for our company”
Gareth Wakefield, Oxford Advanced Surfaces
“Great multidisciplinary activity – which is what the science needs to make it work”
Peter Bach, BioPharmaLogic LLC
Biomedical Applications in Nanotechnology

26th May 2011: University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK

Organised by: The Institute of Nanotechnology and University of Glasgow Knowledge Transfer Account
One of the reasons that nanotechnology is such an important growth area for medicine and the lifesciences is that biological systems are themselves built up from nanoscale components and subunits. An increasing knowledge of how these biological structures and processes work and interact provides us with an ever greater insight into the pathology of disease, and the ability to consistently engineer solutions at the nanoscale offers opportunities for much earlier and accurate diagnoses and tailored, targeted treatments that are less invasive and more effective for the patient.

This workshop will provide an overview of some of the latest developments in applying nanotechnology to a range of important medical and lifescience applications including biosensing, clinical diagnostics, medical imaging, regenerative medicine and drug delivery. In addition, the workshop will examine the often novel risks that may be presented by such nanoscale solutions, and the measures being taken to understand and address them. The workshop will also provide an opportunity to explore and discuss the various challenges and opportunities raised with experts from a range of backgrounds including those who have successfully commercialised nanotechnology applications, investors, researchers and new start-up businesses.

Interaction between participants will be encouraged and attendees will have the opportunity to discuss and debate the aspects of nanotechnology of particular concern to them and to forge useful new collaborations.

The University of Glasgow, who will host the workshop, is recognised as one of the leading UK and European institutions for academic nanoresearch encompassing biological sciences, medicine, electronics, chemistry, and physics in a highly interdisciplinary and dynamic environment.

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Please RSVP to confirm your attendance at this workshop by contacting:
Carrie Smith
Telephone: 01786 458028