Steps To Healthy Aging


When one is young, the last thing that can ever cross their mind is aging. It is advisable that you promote healthy aging while still young. Most people do not tend to think about this, but it makes the difference as it will determine how you age.

Tips to aging gracefully

Use sunscreenbeautyrightgsadfghjkhgfd

The first thing that one should put into their mind when they want to age healthy is to utilize sunscreen. When one protects their skin from the harmful sun rays that the sun emits, is one major step of avoiding some major problems in the years to come. Some recreational activities that individual engage in like sunbathing and tanning can adversely affect one’s skin. This can cause a significant problem to an individual later on in life. Sunscreen also prevents one from developing skin cancer. It is advisable not to expose yourself to sun rays over a long period.

Eat right

Another simple way that one can ensure that they age healthy is by eating right. It is important to note at this point that eating right does not mean that you start implementing a strict and crazy diet plan. This can be done by a simple lifestyle change like adding some more fruits and vegetables into your diet while ensuring that you are adequately hydrated. One is encouraged to avoid consuming highly processed foods. This is because these foods can harm your body.

Sleep well

No matter how old you are, a good night sleep is always important. Getting a good night sleep is important as it allows one’s body to regenerate itself as well as the brain. If you don’t sleep well at night, you will not only be dormant, but you risk developing high blood pressure.

Think positively

One is encouraged to have positive thoughts as it is crucial in enabling one to enjoy old age. It is a common scenario that you might have come across 40-year-olds who think their life is over and thus full of doom and gloom. Whereas you can encounter eighty-year-olds, who have a lot of enthusiasm and life in them.


Everybody needs friends in life. They cheer us up when the going gets tough, offer us a helping hand through challenges. This is why having good friends is a ticket to maintaining a long and healthy life.

Adequate exercise

Another step of ensuring tbeautyleftasdfghjkhat your age in a healthy manner is by doing adequate exercise. While this may sound irksome to some individuals at first, studies that have been carried out have consistently shown that having some moderate daily exercise can help one in maintaining a healthy body even in old age. This way one can maintain proper body weight hence ensuring healthy aging. You don’t have to engage in hard or rigorous exercise, a light jog every morning is enough for you.…

Symptoms Of Diabetes


Diabetes is a condition that makes the body unable to produce or respond to the hormone insulin. This leads to abnormal carbohydrate metabolism of and rise in glucose levels in the blood as well as urine. Although one can live with type 2 diabetes without knowing they have it, type 1 diabetes symptoms are usually more severe.

Common diabetes symptoms you should know

Excessive thirst and frequent urinationlifestlydiseasesrightzxsdfghjk

One of the signs of diabetes is excessive thirst. Thirst does not subside regardless of how much water you drink. This is due to an increase in sugar levels in the blood which makes the body draws in water causing you to drink more water. On the other hand, frequent urination happens when your kidney’s draw sugar from the blood. Since the levels of sugar in the blood is abnormally high, when sugar gets into the kidneys, the high concentration of the sugar causes the kidneys to draw water from the body. This makes you pee more often than usual.

Extreme fatigue

High sugar in the blood causes your body cells to be fatigued. This is because you are constantly thirsty, you are constantly losing lots of fluid through urination. This imbalance can cause your stomach to feel sick, can make you feel like fainting, and the fatigue comes from inflammation of the body cells.

Unexplained weight loss

Since the body’s ability to respond to the hormone insulin is impaired, diabetic patients are likely to lose weight. This is because the body’s inability to convert glucose to energy causes the body to look for alternative sources of energy for your body. Thus, you end up burning fat and muscle to provide energy for your body, in turn, losing overall weight from the body explaining the weight loss.

Wounds that heal slowly

When your wounds do not heal faster, it could be a sure sign that you might have diabetes. Diabetes affects the nerves responsible for the transfer of blood. Once these nerves are affected, blood which is responsible for making wounds heal faster does not reach your wounds making the healing process even slower.

Unexplained skin infection

High sugar levels in lifestylediseasesleftasdfghjhgfthe blood can have a negative impact on your immune system. When you have diabetes, your immunity as well as nerves, blood vessels, and general health are in trouble. The decreased flow of the blood to various parts of the body caused by damaged nerves responsible for the transfer of blood to the body cells increases the likelihood of skin infections.

Other symptoms can include blurry vision and tingling and numbness on the hands or feet. Although symptoms can not be noticed easily, it is always best if you suspect you have diabetes to get tested early. Controlled diabetes is easy to manage. Many people live normal lives with diabetes because diabetes is treatable and manageable with the right medication.…